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Connect, heal and align your path with your highest self.

What is Madam Tulip Live?

A web3 spiritual consultation platform. Find your diviner. Tap to connect. Start a video call. All transactions are settled with Bitcoin(BSV) for clarity.

Our commitment

Video reading starts at only 22¢/min. No complex token system. Private 1:1 video session.

How it works

You log in with your HandCash app, a Bitcoin wallet. Make sure to top-up the wallet before you initiate a call. You can browse through multiple selections of spiritual advisors and start a video session with one that is online. Pay per minute. When you are done, hang up and the payment will be automatically settled. If the advisor is offline, you can book a slot from their profile page.

Finance Tarot

Take a deep breath and choose a card.

The Moon

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The Magician

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The Magician Reversed

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The Magician

Earn with NFTs

Buy Madam Tulip's Tarot NFT on RelayX market. Each NFT owner will get 2% of the Finance Tarot Reading revenue from this website. Your share will be sent directly to your RelayX wallet. If you'd like to change the receiving address, DM me on Twitter @madam2lip.

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